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Top Tier

A.G. Boon is proud to serve leading Fortune 50 petroleum companies around the world, including Precision Drilling, Saudi Aramco, and more.

Choosing A.G. Boon FOR YOUR UPSTREAM NEEDS is easy. Leave the hard decisions to us.

what we do

We provide training and development solutions for the upstream oil industry. That's it.  It's all we do. And with unparalleled access to the best and brightest minds in the industry, we do it very well. We also have 100 percent repeat business to prove it.

Do you need to develop your existing personnel into powerhouses in a new technology? Our certified trainers not only know the technology, they are experts in adult learning theories, to ensure their audience understands what they are being taught. They take the time to assess where your people are coming from and determining how they learn best. Then our professionals craft a training program to get your people where you need them to be. And they do it fast. 

Do you need content developed?  Our content teams combine best-in-the-business technical copywriters, design virtuosos, and leading in-industry experts to make your publications crisp, clear, and powerful.

About Us

The Best

A.G. Boon focuses exclusively on the upstream industry. Our professionals are among the top in their fields, bringing decades of experience in instructional design, facilitation, training,  eLearning, project management, and graphic design. 

Whether your need is passive systems or petroleum engineering, geology or geophysics, or any of a myriad of other fields, we have the expertise to solve your most challenging training and development needs.

Unique Solutions

Headquartered in Houston, Texas--the world's leading energy capital--A.G. Boon provides unique solutions for top-tier E&P training and development organizations around the world. Exclusively focused on the upstream oil industry, our services include Technical Training; Content Development; and Instructional Design in the areas of Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, Drilling, Petro-Physics, Geology, Geophysics, and HS&E, to name a few.  

Experience and Expertise

With over two decades of experience providing thought leadership and training and development solutions to Fortune 50 petroleum companies, we understand that our success hinges on our passion for quality customer relationships and our commitment to exceeding our client's expectations. 

Other companies in our field run a very different kind of business. They quickly match up your requirements with the claims on the resumes of a static database of contacts. We have a better way. We conduct a thorough needs analysis, then communicate with our stable of industry experts to provide you with the perfect solution. 

Our people