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Flexible and Scalable

We recognize that training and development departments must support the needs of their customers…the business. Doing so, while working under the constraints of time, location, and budget, can challenge even the most mature organizations.

We also know that Return On Investment is measured by your internal customers’ feedback on quality, and your ability to consistently deliver that quality on time, and on budget. A.G. Boon works hand in hand with each team to deliver support that is affordable, scalable, and repeatable.


Service Categories

A.G. Boon provides services in all of the following areas, and more:

  • Instructional Design

  • Content Development

  • Course Prep and Delivery

  • Training and Facilitation

  • Testing

  • Project Management

  • eLearning

  • Graphical Support

  • Assessments

Technical Subject Matter Expertise

We have experts who can provide you with deep knowledge, insight, service, and training, including:

  • Biostratigraphers

  • Drilling Engineers

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Geochemists

  • Geologists

  • Geophysicists 

  • HS&E Experts

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Operations, Planning, and Logistics Professionals

  • Petroleum Engineers

  • Petrophysicists

  • Reservoir Engineers

  • Sedimentologists

Customized results for any environment anywhere in the world

tailored solutions

Any Environment. Anywhere in the World.

A.G. Boon offers customized solutions for any environment, anywhere in the world. We provide innovative strategies, from departmental budgeting and planning, to helping organizations understand how to appropriately scale for large projects, or even support global staff augmentation needs. We can provide outsourced course development, instructional design, technical writing expertise, and more. 

A.G. Boon builds a unique solution for each customer, working as a part of the core team to first understand goals and challenges, then to plan a successful solution, and finally to deliver a product that will solve your problem.